An Antibody Company Ready to Help

An antibody company located in Chesterfield, Missouri, Jem Biotech Inc. is a reliable provider of antibody service applications in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry, and we wish to prove our competence and become your partner in your company's next R&D project.

As a major partner of Microtest Innovations located in Bangalore, India, in addition to working with three other research groups, we have and will utilize all available resources necessary to meet every one of your company's needs.

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Natural Products Synthesis
Taq Enzyme

Reliable Custom Organic Synthesis

Our state-of-the-art custom organic synthesis laboratory provides a wide range of synthetic/combinatorial chemistry. Our highly experienced chemists can solve even the most complex request. Capable of manufacturing elements by nature as well as by other sources, our levels of custom organic synthesis range from custom synthesis of novel and reference compounds to active natural products synthesis.

Individualized Custom Assay Services

Our custom assay services will provide your company with an accurate and reliable quantitative analysis that will meet your company's specific needs. Jem Biotech Inc. realizes that the scope of every assay development request is unique. To assist your company in meeting those developmental needs, we currently offer custom assay services in the following fields:

  • in-vitro Ag-Ab based assay
  • cell-based assay
  • metabolic disorders
  • enzymes
  • inflammation
  • cancer
  • central nervous system (CNS) and cardio vascular

KlenTaq S - A Better Alternative

Jem Biotech Inc. now offers KlenTaq S, a genetically altered form of Taq polymerase (Taq Pol). Because of its ability to withstand high temperatures so as to not denature the enzyme, it can be extremely important to your company or research facility needs.

Since high temperatures are required in the PAP enzyme process, KlenTaq S could enhance your future research project. In the research of PAP reactions, the quality of your materials is the only thing that truly counts, and that's where Jem Biotech Inc. is different. Specializing in the products and services that both meet your physical and financial needs, we are an antibody company that offers a level of quality, service, and affordability that is difficult to ignore.