Quality Assay Development

We provide high quality custom assay development specific to your research needs. Our scientists and technicians can provide your company with priceless resources for your next R&D project. And our scientists and technicians will be able to provide a qualitative analysis of even the most complex enzyme. Our project managers have years of experience with logistics and data management so your research project will be a success. They also employ their experience as well as our reliable IT infrastructure so your project will be both efficient and cost effective.

Our custom assay development services are state-of-the-art. Jem Biotech Inc. employs safeguards to ensure an effective and top-quality deliverable to your company. The more facts and information you can provide our team of scientists about your area of research, the more cost effective and accurate your deliverable will be. In addition, the more information you can provide the better we can ensure the fast turnaround of your deliverable.

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Taq Ensyme
PAP Enzyme

Tailored Custom Assay Services

Jem Biotech Inc. specializes in many fields of assay development. Currently we offer the following assay services:

  • in-vitro Ag-Ab based assay
  • cell-based assay
  • metabolic disorders
  • enzymes
  • inflammation
  • cancer
  • central nervous system (CNS) and cardio vascular

Also in the fields of biology and biotechnology we currently offer cloning with expression and large-scale purification, and knockout constructs and yeast genetics.

All of the custom assay services we provide are tailored to meet your company's specific project needs. And the scientists at Jem Biotech Inc. will assist your company in determining which assay service is most suitable and will best addresses your company's research project needs. You need only purchase the assay services that are specific to your projects, and no more.

A Changing Market

The field of pharmaceutical development is changing as the seasons change. With more than 30 years of experience, our team of qualified scientists and technicians know that remaining current in these changes is essential to your project's success. Jem Biotech Inc. strives to become your future R&D partner and we will utilize every resource available to us to get your product to market efficiently and effectively.