Trustworthy Custom Organic Synthesis

Our scientists and technicians value the importance of your company's custom organic synthesis research project, and we treat your project as our own top priority. We hire the best scientists and technicians to ensure that your company's research needs will be met, and that your deliverables will be of the highest quality. We utilize safeguards, keeping your deliverables free from contamination, as well as ensuring precise, accurate measurements in the creation of your molecules and enzymes.

See information about natural products synthesis.

Better Organic Compound Synthesis Processes

No matter how specific your custom organic synthesis requests are, your company can rely on the quality of service you will receive at Jem Biotech Inc. Our scientists and technicians are cable of making minute, precise calculations, thus meeting even the most complex research request. We can deliver the molecules and enzymes specific to your research needs.

Jem Biotech offers a wide array of enzyme services, including antibody and monoclonal and custom organic compound synthesis. We also provide services that are not widely available at other biotechnology companies, including our most recent addition, KlenTaq S.

KlenTaq S does not denature the protein, allowing the enzyme to remain active. It is most useful in the high temperature processes like PAP and PCR. Capable of detecting rare mutations, large heterozygous deletions, gene duplications, etc. in the presence of a large excess of wild type allele, the PAP (Pyrophosphorolysis-activated polymerization)/KlenTaq-S is sure to benefit your next R&D project.

If you don't trust your organic compound synthesis project to just anyone, then Jem Biotech Inc. is the perfect fit for your company. We want you to have confidence in your technician, so upon your request we will provide you with the resumes of the scientists working on your company's research project. You can be rest assured that we will assign the most qualified staff of scientists and technicians to meet your specific needs.

In addition, we encourage open communication between you and the project coordinator. This also helps to ensure that every one of your research specifications is being met from beginning to end.