Expanding With KlenTaq Products

Once again, Jem Biotech Inc. has proved their worth in the scientific community by expanding their services to include KlenTaq-S (KS). KS is so new to the scientific community that many trained chemists are not even aware that it is available, let alone aware of everything it can offer. Capable of detecting rare mutations, large heterozygous deletions, gene duplications, etc. in the presence of a large excess of wild type allele, the PAP (Pyrophosphorolysis-activated polymerization)/KlenTaq-S process could be extremely beneficial for your company. Klentaq products have the ability to withstand high temperatures. Since high temperatures are required during PAP and PCR, this is not only a significant discovery, but also a significant addition to the enzyme services available at Jem Biotech.

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More Than KlenTaq-S

Continued development of products such as KlenTaq-S will be leading the advancements in the future research of pharmaceutical drug discovery. And the surface of what KlenTaq products have to offer has only been scratched. But be rest assured that the complete scientific team at Jem Biotech Inc. will be pro-active in advancing these benefits as well bringing these benefits to the pharmaceutical drug discovery market.

When your company hires Jem Biotech, essentially you are hiring five biotechnology companies for the price of one. And the quality, service, and cost you will find at Jem Biotech are like that of no other biotechnology company.

Jem Biotech has a modern infrastructure with outreach to three other well-known research companies. In addition, they maintain an active partnership with the reputable biotechnology firm out of Bangalore, India, MicroTest Innovations.

At Jem Biotech your company's future R&D partnership is their number one goal. In fact, their services continue to expand because they realize that the needs and requests of your pharmaceutical drug discovery research are ever expanding.