The Best in KlenTaq Products

Our scientists and technicians realize that the success of your company's research project relies heavily on advancements in the field of biotechnology. That is why our complete staff of scientists and technicians employs every effort in order to offer your company the highest quality KlenTaq products and the latest products that science has to offer. With outreach to three other research facilities as well as a partnership with the reputable Microtest Innovations of Bangalor, India, we have access and will utilize even the most intricate resources in order to make your research project a success.

Our scientists and technicians work vigorously to expand the services that Jem Biotech Inc. has to offer, and it is because of our dedicated scientists, technicians, and innovative technologies that our biotechnology company has become one of the most reliable sources of PAP and thermo stable enzymes. Our scientists can detect the molecular structure of even the most complex enzyme, making the effective service you find at Jem Biotech unmatched in the scientific community.

Currently we have added KlenTaq S (KS) to our arsenal of services. KS, originating from a genetically altered form of Taq Pol, is an alteration of Klen Taq I, and is coined from the Klenow fragment of E coli DNA Pol I.

The Demand for KlenTaq S

As we've discussed, KlenTaq S is capable of withstanding protein denaturing conditions, which is extremely significant to chemists and your company's future research project since high temperatures are required during PCR and PAP. KlenTaq products, especially KS, are also capable of detecting rare mutations, large heterozygous deletions, gene duplications, as well as other formations in complex structures. The possibilities of what these products have to offer are endless. But rest assured that our scientists will continue to advance the technology and offer more and better products and services.

Our unique IT infrastructure can process all the aspects of your specific research project, making the services our scientists and technicians offer even most efficient and cost effective. Moreover, our project managers have years of experience and encourage as well as want communication with you throughout the life of the project. The service, quality, and cost you will come to expect at Jem Biotech Inc. cannot be beat.