Natural Products Chemistry - Real Change

The world of chemistry changed forever the day chemists coined the term, "natural products chemistry." The powers and mysteries of Mother Nature were no longer reserved for her alone. Chemists could, in fact, not only replicate the elements found in nature, but they could also alter them. The field is so beneficial and well known that chemists in this field have consistently been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Natural products synthesis is a vast and ever evolving field; in fact, chemists can explore many avenues in this discipline. One could reproduce a natural element in order to obtain the element in larger quantities, thus providing the necessary resources for pharmaceutical drug discoveries.

On the other hand, another chemist could try to manipulate a natural element in order to produce a stronger, more potent strand of that element or a new element all together in the world of natural synthesis. In addition, a chemist could simply study the molecular structure of a natural element, hoping to open avenues of invention that could be used in a wide array of application. And the possibilities go on and on.

One example of natural chemistry is T aquaticus , a bacterium discovered in hot springs and thermal vents, which led to the identification of Taq polymerase (Taq or TaqPol). Though the find was significant, Taq possessed relatively low replication fidelity. However, the identification of Taq Pol led to the creation of KlenTaq I and most recently, KlenTaq S. KlenTaq S is able to withstand high temperatures, thus not denaturing the protein, allowing the enzyme to remain active. This is extremely significant because high temperatures are required in the PAP process. KlenTaq S is not available widely, but it is available at Jem Biotech Inc.

Natural Products Synthesis - Furthering Research

When it comes to biotechnology drug discovery, natural products synthesis is extremely significant, which makes further research and education in this field a priority to the pharmaceutical community.

Jem Biotech Inc. realizes this and leads the way in natural products chemistry and synthesis advancements. That is why the management of Jem Biotech Inc. encourages their scientists and technicians to further their education, as well as their own personal research. We strive to ensure that your company receives the best that science has to offer.

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