Quality Starts with PAP Enzyme

Belonging to the family of purple acid phosphatases, phosphatidate phosphatase (PAP enzyme or PAP) enzymes catalyze the phosphatidate, thus producing an inorganic phosphate. If your company is looking for an alternative to Real Time PCR, we can meet your research needs.

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Suitable Alternative in PAP Reaction

Since high temperatures are a requirement of the PAP reaction as well as the PCR process, KlenTaq S serves as a great component to your company's research project. In fact, KlenTaq products will be leading the advancements in the future research of pharmaceutical drug discovery. And yet, the surface of what KlenTaq products have to offer has only been scratched.

As we've discussed, KlenTaq S does not denature the state of the protein, it allows the enzyme to remain active in a PAP reaction. And because quality is the key factor of your company's research needs, the possibilities that KlenTaq S has to offer your future research projects are endless.

Speeding Up the Process

The scientists and technicians at Jem Biotech Inc. understand that your pharmaceutical research requires bio-technicians who are willing to lead the forefront in bio-technological advancements from changing the way we think about the PAP enzyme to countless other advancements. Our sources of outreach help ensure that your deliverables are not only effective, but will advance to the marketplace quickly.

A Constantly Growing Company

Jem Biotech Inc.'s attention to detail and quality of service will not stop with the recent addition of KlenTaq S. Our team of experienced chemists strives to improve our collection every day. As the field of pharmaceutical drug discovery changes, so too will the needs of your company. That is why the services that we can provide to your company will always be the latest and best that science can offer.

Your R&D partnership is our number one goal, and we will utilize all of our available resources to meet your requests. Specializing in the products and services that meet even the most intricate of your needs, we offer a level of quality, service, and affordability that will secure future business with your company.

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